Within Means


Here is the deal: you save 20 Euros during the trial month and buy a subscription, or you don't.

1 month free
€5 month
€20 6 months
€35 year

Pay as you go

We don’t want your money if you don’t use Within Means. If you stop using the app, subscription won’t renew.


We did many things that annoy you in other apps right. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

Start with observation

Throw your spendings into a chat, the app will keep track of them and will help you with planning when you're ready.

Use multiple currencies

Whether you are on a trip or generally use several (crypto)currencies, @within_means_bot got you covered.

Plan your budget

The optimal amount of planning is less than 100% but definitely more than zero.

Plan a Trip

Add @within_means_bot to a chat, plan and record your spendings together with friends. Only one of you need to have a subscription.

Have a room for manoeuvre

Assigning every dollar only scratches your anxiety. Let some of your money lay unassigned. Within Means tracks how much is spent unplanned so you know you're still comfortable with your finances.

Make use of Hawthorne Effect

Use money more responsibly just because the app tracks the usage.

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